Cancel the WNBA

Earlier this month, WNBA owner Kelly Loeffler hopped on the show of her fellow mannish-looking blonde to rail against the Black Lives Matter movement.

She later doubled down by saying BLM support could make some fans ‘feel excluded’. So that means conservative WNBA fans exist? Bah hahahah what a joke!

Say what you want about the validity or lack thereof those statements, but one unequivocal fact is that an NBA owner would NEVER get away with this. Any other major sports league owner for that matter would be Sterling’d into oblivion for going anti-BLM right now. Why is the WNBA an exception?

According to Adam Silver, the NBA loses over $10M per year in subsidies to keep the WNBA afloat, and those costs will only rise now that league is doubling salaries and paying their pregnant players for the first time ever. The league is basically a non-profit social justice experiment, yet it has the most public anti-social justice owner in sports. It’s time to cancel the WNBA for good.

This doesn’t mean I don’t care about women athletes. On the contrary, I want to see them succeed and that is why I propose an alternative – Euro leagues. The best women are already playing over there for millions. The fact that they feel the need to come back every year and play an additional season for a fraction of their worth seems like a classic example of the toxic American exceptionalism libs keep warning us about.

Much like we here in the US pretend to care about women’s soccer because our men’s team will never win a World Cup, Europeans have a greater interest in women’s basketball because their men’s leagues will never hold a candle to the NBA. America can lead the way for women’s soccer while Europe leads the way for women’s basketball. Women all around the world can finally be enriched and appreciated appropriately for their skills. Everyone wins.

Cancel the WNBA.

Cancel the WNBA