Jamal Adams Does Not Get His Wish to Play for America’s Team

When the Jets turned down our offer of one first round pick for Jamal Adams last fall, our consolation prize was the future greatest WR trio in NFL history. Not only could they have had CeeDee Lamb, literally one of the greatest receivers in college history and by far the best receiver to fall that far since Randy Moss, but they also could’ve helped Garrett save his job. Thank god things worked out the way they did.


That doesn’t mean the Jets did a bad job in this trade. They played the Niners and Seahawks against each other and found a way to up the bid to two 1st rd picks, a 3rd rd pick, and an average starting safety veteran. That is way more than anyone expected, so honestly good for them on getting such a headache out the door with so much in return. Still, that package doesn’t hold a candle to the value of CeeDee Lamb so we can’t congratulate them too much.


Even at the high cost, I like this move for the Seahawks too. They suck at drafting early rounds, but do enough other things well to make the playoffs nearly every year. After falling an inch short of winning the division last year, they now match up way better against San Francisco. Don’t sleep on them.

Interesting tidbit on Seattle last year – they were the fourth team ever to finish 11-5 or better while allowing at least 24.5 PPG. The other three were 2013 Broncos, 2016 Falcons, and 2018 Chiefs.

Their defense was low key terrible last year, especially on the road. They’ve relied on good safety play for the entire Carroll era and now they have it again. Jamal Adams is a difference maker any alignment they need from him. He and Bobby Wagner are enough to anchor an above average defense on their own. I expect the Seahawks to be closer to the aftermaths of those Broncos and Chiefs teams and not the Falcons.