Stars Screw the Pooch, Again. We’re in Trouble

The Stars fucked up big time on Friday night in a game where everything was set up our way. We had a back to back coming off a night where we physically beat the shit out of the Flames to the point where Tkachuk couldn’t play. We also had a rested goalie on top of the fact that our squad is superior to Calgary in every way.

The advanced stats say we dominated. Corsi was an obscene 70% in our favor, and that doesn’t include power plays that we had more of. Expected goals indicate the score should’ve been the opposite of the actual result.

70 total shot attempts. 22 of them were blocked, 35 of them were saved by Cam freaking Talbot, and the rest hit air. Like this one from John Klingberg…

I don’t feel too great about singling out Klingberg because everyone sucked at shooting the other night, but Klingberg was especially poor. He was a staple and a budding superstar five years ago when we were a 1 seed, but now at only age 28 he doesn’t seem good at all anymore. It’s concerning.

We gave up a shorthanded goal, AGAIN, and then a second off a very lazy icing violation. We get shut out 2-0 and now we have to grind against freaking Calgary. Series price is +179. Might as well triple down on that, but my confidence in going all the way to party like it’s 1999 is officially dwindling.

Stars Screw the Pooch, Again. We’re in Trouble

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