JoePa Saves Stars Season With 12 Seconds Left! HOLY FUCK YES!!

Ohh man oh man were the Stars so fucked right at this moment in time…

It looked like a higher scoring version of Friday night. Another game without Tkachump and another game we dominated by any measure of anal ytics. 64% Corsi, +1.5 xG, but also another god damned damned shorthanded goal given up! As well as enough other random fuckups (and another bullshit ref call) to have church bells ringing on the season.

And then the Klingberg entry. The Seguin gymnast splits. And the cool old JoePa backhand for the season saving hattie.

And the Stars. Are. Fucking back babyyy!!

Oh yeah there was overtime too. A tense sixteen minutes until we broke some fuckers stick and set him up in front of this rocket by none other than John Klingberg who I never ever doubted

And just like that all in the world is right again. The sun is out, the people are smiling, and the Stars are good again.

And now I got that Michael Buble song stuck in my head. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. We’ll party like its ninety niiiinne? Yes we may!