Revisiting the Time Patrick Mahomes’s Girlfriend Instagrammed Her Stepdad’s Death

The coolest thing Pat Mahomes did with his new half-a-billion dollar contract was buy part of the Royals. The lamest thing he did was buy his girlfriend an engagement ring.

I feel so sorry for the neighboring restaurant patrons. Mahomes’s new fiancé definitely had no problems staying calm, mature, and not the least bit annoying when she finally got that ring she’d been working for her whole life…

Usually it is pretty stupid for an athlete to skip on the dream life and get engaged so young. It makes me think less of a player when it happens. For example, I knew Baker Mayfield was gonna suck last year when he decided that one rookie season was long enough to be single and he got married at 24yo like a loser.

With Mahomes on the other hand, it’s a bit different. I’ve heard from enough Chiefs and Tech fans over the years to understand that this is a pretty good arrangement for him.

He’s still allowed to sleep with other bitches as long as he’s discreet enough to not embarrass her publicly. She’s been with him since high school and has basically served as his life secretary for all these years.

He also has a dad that played pro baseball, and while his dad wasn’t particularly famous, the family experience still keeps Mahomes from becoming a fame whore himself. It’s part of what made Eli so great at being a NYC QB. These dudes don’t care about banging Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson; they just wanna ball out in playoff games.

So good on Patrick Mahomes for making his life secretary happy and maybe setting up a nice little family together. I hope it all works out!


However the point of this post is not to muse on about some athletes marriage. No… I bring this up because it’s as good a time as any to revisit what might be the most bizarre social media post in the history of the Internet.

It came from her Instagram account on the day of Week 10, 2018 when the Chiefs hosted the Cards. It was a pregame photo with the explanation that she saw her stepdad collapse right afterwards and escorted him to the hospital. Accompanying photos show a first person view of her arriving at the hospital behind her mourning mother, and then an embrace of all three’s hands at the deathbed.

It’s still up and everything too…

Listen I’m not here to judge any person for the way he or she mourns. Everyone does their own thing and there’s no reason to care about something so personal for someone else when it doesn’t affect you in the slightest.

I’m just saying, this is a very public mourning in a manner I haven’t seen before. It’s interesting that’s all.

Revisiting the Time Patrick Mahomes’s Girlfriend Instagrammed Her Stepdad’s Death