Flashback Friday – Remembering Romo’s Recovery and Run vs the 3-13 Rams

Apparently the Cowboys and Rams had a lot of epic playoff battles back in the day, but I’m not old enough to remember anything of that shit.

In late modern times, there haven’t been many notable games between the two teams. The division round game a couple years ago was huge, but that is too recent.

Quincy Carter’s 13-10 victory back in 2002 was awesome at the time, but not important enough to feature in this series…

(NOTE: #88 is Antonio Bryant, the better version of Dez)


Instead, for this inaugural version of Cowboys Flashback Friday posts, we’re going to feature a top ten moment of Romo’s career – the epic four yard run.

Back in 2007, the Cowboys had the best team I can ever remember following. Bill Parcells had laid the foundation of a roster that was staaaacckkked on both sides of the ball.

Despite dropping the ball in Seattle the winter before and driving Parcells to retirement, Romo was looking sharp as shit in this season. He showing no signs of the career choke artist he would later become.

One of the savviest plays he made all season, and of his entire career, came in Week 4. It was a LEGENDARY four yard run.

You can see the replay at the beginning of this video of Romo’s top ten career moments…

Unfortunately, the season ended with a Cabo trip and an embarrassment at the hands of Eli, but at least we had this memory against the 3-13 Rams.

Flashback Friday – Remembering Romo’s Recovery and Run vs the 3-13 Rams