Game 2: Let’s Talk About Vegass’s Stupid Anthem Chant

The Knights came out more focused than us in Game 2 and the series is tied at one now. Sucks. It looks like we need some tactical adjustments going forward as Vegas looked way better with rest and Ryan Reaves back.

On the bright side, we got to rest Dobby for the 3rd period and Jake Oettinger looked pretty decent, which is a good sign for the future.


Enough about the game because it sucked. Now is a better time than any to discuss something that’s been really triggering me lately and that is the national anthem…

I’m not triggered by the fact that it’s disrespectful (which it is), and no I don’t care about the UCF Golden Knights either. The reason I’m triggered is that this chant is just plain fucking stupid.

The Stars have a way better chant where we yell “STARS” twice during the anthem. You see, ‘Stars’ in the Dallas Stars and the Star Spangled Banner are actual homonyms of each other. That is a chant to actually be proud of. In fact, it’s the only good anthem chant in America if you ask me.

Stars = Stars

Knights ≠ Night

Simple as that.

But even though our chant is the best, we don’t go around shoving it in everyone’s faces. Maybe we should start doing that now though with Vegass being all smug and obnoxious over the dumbest rendition ever.

Be better, Vegass. Be more like this.

Game 2: Let’s Talk About Vegass’s Stupid Anthem Chant

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