Flashback Friday: Comparing the Dream Crushing Hit Sticks of Sean Taylor and Jalen Ramsey

As much as I hate getting screwed over by a pussy ass flop, I have to admit that Jalen Ramsey is an all time GREAT. He is worth every cent of that $100M deal and it showed on Sunday night.

He not only has a physical edge over every single receiver in the league, but he’s also leagues above the rest in the mental game. Listen to his immediate reaction after presumably getting beat on that sensational Dak to Gallup pass…

“Thank you. Thank you. Yeeeaaaahhh!!” Immediately after the play ends. 100% swagger. We haven’t seen a CB this brash since the days of his fellow FSU alum Neon Deion Sanders.

Unlike PrimeTime though, Jalen Ramsey has a hit stick…

Jesus what an incredible play. Goooood lord.

It’s reminiscent of a play from 15 years ago that haunts my dreams to this day. The culprit? The late, great Sean Taylor. So here is an impromptu Flashback Friday post to commemorate.



Monday Night Football of Week 2 in 2005. The Triplets were inducted to the Ring of Honor at halftime. It was looking to be a great night for Cowboy nation, with our boys holding down a 13-0 lead that was much more dominant than the scoreline indicated.

Four minute drill for the skins. 35 year old Mark Brunell scrambles for 25 yards, and then throws 40 yard TD bomb to Santana Moss. 13-7.

Skins get a stop, and then first play after getting the ball back it’s another Brunell to Moss TD bomb, this time for 70 yards. 13-14. Oh fuucckk.

But we get a kick return past midfield and should have an easy field goal drive to bail ourselves out and save Triplet night.


The Play:

Unfortunately, Sean Taylor was having none of that. (3 minute mark of the vid)

We lost. It cost us the playoffs (and we were good that year). It also revived Joe Gibbs’s career on the spot and the skins got good again until, you know, RIP in peace.

Whole video recapping the ending is worth a 5min watch if you hate the Cowboys. You’re welcome.

Flashback Friday: Comparing the Dream Crushing Hit Sticks of Sean Taylor and Jalen Ramsey