Game 5: Stars Kill Off Knights for a Gentleman’s Sweep. Too! Easy!!

This is how easy it was to beat the trash ass Vegass Golden Knights in five.

What a trash hockey team they have out in that lame ass, fake ass city in the desert. Can’t believe how easy it was to beat such a stupid, arrogant bunch of overrated pricks.

It’s like they forgot that the reason their roster exists is because nobody else wanted to keep them. And that their division was easy as hell and they ran through a tissue paper schedule all season long.

Why were they so damn cocky? Whatever. Back to their families they go.


“Daddy, did you win?”

“No. But I’m home.”

Hahahaha. The Stars have other plans…

And also that stupid anthem chant is gone from the bubble for good. It’s a win for everyone.

The Lightning took an extra game and some OTs to finish off the Islanders, so we start the Cup on Saturday with four days of rest. HUGE for Dobby. Huge for all the other players too after going through 21 games over 42 days.



So how did game 5 go down?

The Knights fought as nobly as they could to stay alive, but we started dominating the second the 3rd period started. Literally. Almost tied it ten seconds in and then they got this lucky-as-fuck break to make it 2-0.

Didn’t matter. Our captain had other plans…


And then our new wonder kid stepped up to the plate and did what he was born to do – score big time playoff goals…

Joel Fuckin Kiviranta. The best JFK to ever come through Dallas. I LOVE this fucking Fin!


It went to OT, Vegass committed a stupid delay of game penalty early on because they’re not cut out for this shit. And then our badass Russian rookie stepped up to do his thing…

My god I love my Russkis so much. Top three plays of the series are…

(1) any save by Dobby. (2) Radulov’s OT banger to win game 3. (3) Sweet sweet Denis’s OT slapper to win us the Campbell trophy.


Four more wins away from doing this again…

Let’s. Fucking. Go.

Game 5: Stars Kill Off Knights for a Gentleman’s Sweep. Too! Easy!!