Diamondbacks Send Sharp Right Hook to the Transgender Rights Movement

Listen, I’m not here to hate on trannies.  I’ve said before, it’s 2015 and I’m smart enough to know that bashing is out and ‘acceptance’ is in.  However, the Diamondbacks made it clear last night that they are not fans of the movement when they panned in on this (wo)man(?) for 15 seconds…

not good look

Yikes…  Again, I’m not here to bash on transgender rights, but they can’t let shit like this make it onto television.  No matter how hard Jezebel’s fat readers try to deny, appearance definitely matters.  My friends who were in sororities in college said they would conduct mandatory courses for their less attractive members in order to teach them how to apply makeup well and workout efficiently to lose weight.  In my fraternity, we would make skinny pledges swallow scoopfuls of protein powder during pledge meetings. The results for everyone was social validation and way more respect from peers than trannies are getting these days.

If I was a transgender, I’d be pissed at that (wo)man(?) for going out in public like that.  You think they’d be getting so much recognition this year if Caitlyn Jenner looked like that beast instead of like this?


No way.

P.S. at least he (or she?) looks better than the ugliest baseball fan ever…  Or does it?

Pirates Fan Pic

Diamondbacks Send Sharp Right Hook to the Transgender Rights Movement