Crybaby Drew Storen Ruins Another Game and Hahaha the Nats Are Fucked

When we last checked in on crybaby Drew Storen, he was responding to his demotion by acting like a whiny little bitch and pitching like shit.  In case you haven’t been following since, things have gone from bad to very much worse in a hurry.  At the time of that post, the Nats were only 2.5 games behind the Mets, which seemed like nothing when considering their easy schedule and the remaining six head to head games against the Mets.

2.5 games is especially small when you consider that the Nats finally had the genius idea to shuffle their rotation and have their three aces start against Mets.  I’m guessing Bryce Harper convinced them it was smart…


Unfortunately for the Nats, the deficit grew to 4.5 games after they reeled off six straight losses to finish their road trip.  Over the next two weeks, they fell behind by another game despite a creampuff schedule consisting of at Colorado, vs Milwaukee, vs San Diego, and vs Miami.  They’re now at 6.5 back after two straight losses in St. Louis.  Last night’s goat was none other than our favorite crybaby of a setup man…

The Nats level of suck right now is getting utterly ridiculous.  During spring training, they were the Vegas favorites to win the World Series and had the highest win total projection at 93.5.  With less than a month to go, they’re struggling to stay above .500 and are completely hopeless.  I’m gonna take a wild guess and say they finally fire their god awful manager soon.

And as if the abominable play on the diamond doesn’t embarrass the fans enough, it turns out the Nationals can’t even hold a bobblehead day without fucking it up.  Look at this garbage…


It’s a rendering of Jason Werth jumping onto the plate after walking off Game 4 of the 2012 NLDS (they still lost the series because crybaby Drew Storen blew a save the next night).  I wonder if the Nats will ever be closer to winning a postseason series than they were that night?  I’m guessing no.

Crybaby Drew Storen Ruins Another Game and Hahaha the Nats Are Fucked