This Labor Day Teaser Lock Is Way Too Easy

I’m not sure it’s possible to have any doubters by now after the summer we had, but those of you smart enough to trust my word must be happy as fuck with all the boatloads of money made from last night’s pick.

I can’t believe all those silly Michigan fans bet that line to under a touchdown. Did they really think a reject Iowa qb could hack it on the road against a pac-12 title contender? Gtf outta here michigan. Harbaugh is a god but even he needs some time to turn Hoke’s trainwreck around.

On to this weekend… A lot of the lines I liked the most have moved by a few points and that is annoying, but there is a still a very good teaser opportunity that gives us a safe, conservative path to more riches. You wanna place a 4 team, 13 point teaser on the following games…

Boise St vs Washington (+1)
Alabama vs Wisconsin (-.5)
Auburn vs Louisville (+2)
Ohio State at Virginia Tech (-1)

This gives us four playoff contenders at basically pick em lines against unranked teams. It really doesn’t get much easier than this. We have Boise State and their 20+ returning starters on a Friday night on their blue turf. We have Nick Saban against a horrible Wisconsin team with the most fragile-minded qb in college history. We have the trendy pick for the SEC title at home against unranked Louisville. And finally we’re only giving up one point with the best coach in college history with what might be his best team ever. Fuck man that’s too easy.

I also really like Bowling Green +22 at Tennessee. They hung tough in the same game last year with their backup quarterback and have a ton of returning starters.

This Labor Day Teaser Lock Is Way Too Easy