Hate Your Job? Get Rich Today and Free Yourself Come Monday (9.12 CFB Daytime Picks)

If you’ve been following my college picks so far, you know that I never lose.  So instead of being poor and working every day, you should instead pour (ha) your savings into my picks this weekend and free yourself!

Morning games…

UTSA +16.5 at Kansas State

UTSA is my favorite team to bet on.  Don’t know who they are?  Here’s a few facts…  (1) they’re in their fifth year as a program (2) they’re in San Antonio and recruit sneaky kind of good talent (3) Larry Coker coaches them.  Yes, the same Larry Coker that won a national championship and a Bear Bryant award at the U.

Last year, they almost beat Arizona in the opener and then beat Houston on the road in week 2 before injuries derailed their season.  This year, they started at Arizona and kept the game close all the way to the end.  Today, they go to Kansas State and face a reeling Wildcats team that is down their starting QB and RB.  And they’re getting over two touchdowns?  Bet on them!

Michigan -13 vs Oregon St.

Yes, I talked a lot of shit about Michigan last week (and won my fade on them), and yes their quarterback fucking blows, but this is still a great day to bet on Michigan.  Oregon State was only up 6-0 at halftime against Weber State last week.  And that was at home.  Today, they’re traveling all the way to the big house to face one of the most electric crowds we’ll see all year for Harbaugh’s home opener.  When you also consider the fact that Jabrill Peppers and Michigan’s defense looked outstanding last week, and that Oregon State’s true freshman QB is making his first ever start on the road in this atmosphere, this has the making for a Michigan blowout that we will get rich off of.

Wisconsin -31 vs. Miami Ohio

There are many things Wisconsin does poorly, such as passing, recruiting good black players that are not running backs, and having fans that are not obese.  I will admit though, they can do some things very well, and that is running and beating the shit out of garbage teams at home.  Today they’re playing a garbage team that gave up over 6 yards per carry last year.  This has the making of a 40+ point blowout.

Afternoon games…

Minnesota -4.5 at Colorado State

In the preseason, this game was at -8 for Minnesota.  Why it’s gone down over three points, I have no idea.  Minnesota actually looked pretty good against TCU last week and will probably be in the Big Ten championship game.  Colorado State is not good.  I expect a big Minnesota victory.

Virginia +13 vs Notre Dame

This line started at 6.5 last week and nearly doubled because of Notre Dame’s blowout of Texas last week.  But we need to remember, Texas fucking sucks (more on this in the next post).  Virginia is a good home team and they upset both Louisville and Miami at home last year.  Notre Dame also has a huge matchup against Georgia Tech that they’ll bee looking ahead to.  Take the double digit home dawg.

Georgia Tech -30.5 vs Tulane

Georgia Tech might be the most underrated team in the country right now.  They have an unbelievable running game, an outstanding coach, and are definitely winning the ACC.  Tulane is horrendous.  They gave up over 200 yards and lost by 30 at home to Duke last week.  Expect the results to be even worse at Georgia Tech today.

Arkansas -21 vs Toledo

I love this game.  Arkansas is going to absolutely annihilate Toledo today.  Bielema loves to run up the score against bad teams (Toledo is in the MAC, and Arkansas beat MAC champion Northern Illinois by 38 last year), and Toledo is not looking good this year.  They don’t have one single returning starter on their offensive line, and only had a 16-7 at home against lowly Stony Brook last week.  Bet on the Hogs to roll.

Hate Your Job? Get Rich Today and Free Yourself Come Monday (9.12 CFB Daytime Picks)