Keep the Money Pouring in with These Primetime CFB Games (3-1 so Far)


Our picks from Friday night and this morning are 3-1 so far, leaving you with much more disposable income than you ever would have had without following me.  It’s only logical that you put some high stakes wagers on the marquee matchups tonight.  Here we go…

Oklahoma -1.5 at Tennessee

Oklahoma pounded the living shit out of Tennessee in Norman last year.  For some reason, people think that Tennessee’s supposed ‘great improvement’ and the fact that this game is in Knoxville is enough to give Tennessee a chance this year.  I am not one of those people.  I’ve been hearing the same thing about how Tennessee is a team on the rapid rise for the past ten years, and the only time I’ve believed it was Lane Kiffin’s first year.  Now, almost ten years later, I can assure you that fading this team has been a good strategy for a long time and will continue to be so.  Also, Tennessee gave up 557 yards at home to Bowling Green last week.  God knows what kind of number the Sooners are going to hang on Rocky Top…

Memphis -12 at Kansas

I don’t  know what on Earth that lardass Charlie Weis was doing up in Kansas the past few years, but good god did he make one hell of a team to fade.  This might be the worst team in division 1 football right now.  Last week, they lost to South Dakota State.  At home.  For most of the game, it wasn’t even close…  Meanwhile, Memphis took care of business against Missouri State with a 63-7 victory.  Granted, it was Missouri State, but a 56 point victory against them is a 1,000 times better performance than any type of loss to FCS South. Dakota. State…  Hammer the Tigers tonight and light up some cigars as you watch them steamroll Kansas.

Rice +14.5 at Texas

Did anybody see Texas-Notre Dame last week?  Or any Texas games last under Charlie Strong?  Here’s a quick summary – Texas suuuuuccckkksss!!!  Honestly, with an over/under of 2 more weeks until Charlie Strong is fired, I would probably take the under.  He’s a great defensive coach, but his offensive incompetency is being exposed right now and there’s no Teddy Bridgewater available to bail him out.  Quite the opposite, actually, as Tyrone Swoopes’s horrendous play is only exacerbating the schematic deficiencies at hand.  Rice is a veteran team that has been looking forward to this game all offseason, and I seriously give them a 50/50 shot to win outright.  Definitely hammer them on the spread (at least double units), and then if you can find a moneyline available anywhere you should definitely put at least a quarter unit down on that.

Michigan State -5.5 vs Oregon

This line started at 3.5 and I would lying if I said I wasn’t annoyed by the movement so far, but I’m still pretty confident in Michigan State blowing out Oregon tonight.  Michigan State had Oregon on the ropes in Eugene last year, only to see the college god himself Marcus Mariota put his immortality on display in the last twenty minutes.  Oregon’s new QB, Vernon Adams Jr., won’t be able to do that.  Not only is he not nearly as good as Mariota, he hasn’t even been with the team for a full month since his transfer…  Oh, and he’s also hurt.  Unfortunately for the Ducks, the offense is the least of their concerns because their defense is flat out atrocious.  Honestly, does Helfrich even give two shits about that side of the field?  The national championship game was embarrassing enough, but giving up 549 yards to Eastern Washington last week is absolutely unacceptable for a top ten team.  It’s a safe bet for Michigan State to blow Oregon right out of their top ranked status.  As insufferable as those Spartans fans will be after tonight, place a large wager and take some solace in the fact that you will become a little bit more rich.

LSU -4 at Mississippi State

The Bulldogs won this matchup last year during their 8 week cock tease of convincing us they were elite.  In reality, they caught the SEC in a down year last year.  Part of the reason or that was because LSU was stuck with a ton of freshman and sophomores as first year starters on the field.  You could see a huge improvement from them as the year went on, and they will be a lot more talented and mature tonight than they were last year.  Mississippi State, on the other hand, graduated all of their good players except for their overrated quarterback.  When LSU hands them their own asses tonight, we’ll be able to safely nestle the Bulldogs right back to their status quo as an afterthought team.  Oh, and we’ll get richer in the process by betting on LSU.

Keep the Money Pouring in with These Primetime CFB Games (3-1 so Far)