At least those poor Pittsburgh fans have Super Bowls and Stanley Cups


It really fucking sucks that Pittsburgh had to go down tonight. The Cubs have one of the most insufferable fanbases in sports just lying dormant and it needs to be shut the fuck down before it can wake up.

Arrietta is a beast but he was hittable tonight and definitely could’ve been beat. Unfortunately, the Buccos didn’t look like the cold hard killers that we saw walking off the Cards over and over again on primetime tv and mowing down the Mets. And the reason they didn’t is because Kang was out. He was insane this year and Arrietta definitely would’ve posted a couple 1s or 2s on his side of the board if he had to pitch to both Kang and McCutchen within single frames…

And that is bullshit. This injury was fucking retarded and it definitely needs to be gone from the game. I love violence in sports, but never once in my life have I gotten out of my chair and cheered for a dirty slide like this in baseball…

The danger to entertainment ratio in that type of play is the highest in sports by far. Clean that shit up Rob Manfred.

Under 5.5 was chill though