Don’t Be Dumb Enough to Bet Against the Blue Jays


The Blue Jays are the World Series favorites at 3:1 right now, and honestly it should be more like 1:3.  If you’re thinking about betting on any team to beat them, you should enter a mental asylum with other retarded mentally handicapped people because your mind is not cut out for free society.

They have the most devastating 1-9 lineup since the Yankees were at their peak.  They have David Price, Marcus Stroman, RA Dickey and a great back end of their bullpen.  They have a +221 run differential that is twice as big as any other team in the majors.

They are insane at home, not only because they crush so many long balls there but also because visitors are still learning how to field on the stupid turf that they use.  The AL won the All-Star game, so whatever NL team makes the World Series is fucked without home field advantage.

As for who that NL team will be, I say it’s the winner of the DeGrom-Kershaw showdown on Friday night.  The Mets have the nastiest top to bottom rotation while the Dodgers have the best one-two since Schilling and Johnson carried the D-Backs to a title.    I personally think the winner of that game and series will be the Mets because the Dodgers offense is almost non-existent.

B Jays over Mets.  Bet on it.

Don’t Be Dumb Enough to Bet Against the Blue Jays