So Who’s Gonna Fuck Up and Draft Duke Williams


Mel Kiper Jr. had Duke Williams as the top rated senior WR this year.  He could’ve been a first round pick last year, but he decided to stay at Auburn to complete some ‘unfinished business’.  When you get suspended for a bowl game and then see your team humiliate the SEC by losing to a god awful Wisconsin squad, it must leave a pretty bitter taste in your mouth…

Since the time of his announcement to return, he has…

-Sent out cryptic teenage girl tweets about how he wants to leave Auburn

-Got suspended again and then benched upon his return

-Led his offense to almost lose to fucking Jacksonville State and remain winless in the SEC

-Get kicked off the team for good after fighting bouncers over a dress code

Even though he’s the most disappointing player on the most disappointing team in SEC history, he’s got a fuck ton of talent.  So who is going to fuck up and draft this guaranteed bust?  I’ve set some odds below…

Ravens (4:1)

The Ravens seem addicted to busting on receivers.  With Breshad Perriman day-to-day for three months straight now and Torrey Smith continuing to underwhelm even on a new team, they might as well roll the dice and hope the third dumb draft pick will end up a charm.

Bills (2.5:1)

Honestly the perfect team for him.  He’ll fit right into the bully culture they’re trying to build.  And as Patrick Kane will tell you, athletes can’t get in trouble in Buffalo.

Browns (7:1)

The most receiver starved team in the league.  They could draft Williams and then hope that every year either he or Josh Gordon will manage to stay out of trouble and then they can have at least one good receiver.

Colts (9:1)

Because Ryan Grigson loves wasting high draft picks on backup receivers instead of putting together a line that can do the least bit of blocking for his prized quarterback.

Cowboys (6.5:1)

America’s Team wouldn’t be complete without a star receiver that is out getting in trouble with the law every weekend.  Dez Bryant is crazy, but he is a good person.  Duke Williams would be the true prick that makes this team whole again.

So Who’s Gonna Fuck Up and Draft Duke Williams