Pete Rose Lost Money on Toronto Because Josh Donaldson Has No Heart

Does everybody know what we’re playing for now? I mean, you get a tweak and you got to leave the game. You take a knee to the head, and you’ve got a helmet on, and you gotta leave the game to go take a test that you pass. I mean, because you’re a little light-headed?

I got light-headed how many times in my career? I still went out there and played. I guess it’s just different from when I played to when they’re playing today, Frank. I can’t see you sliding into second there and leaving the game, I really can’t.

Oh boy.  How much fucking money did Pete Rose lose?  It’s not like he’s wrong here though…  It’s the most important Blue Jays game in 22 years, and the MVP wants to screw over his team in order to get a concussion test (that he passed).  That is flat out unacceptable.

And this is baseball, not football.  In football, you take a guy out because there are head collisions on every single play.  In baseball, your head gets touched maybe once a week at most.  Even if it was football, you still have to hide your concussions when it’s the fucking playoffs.  I didn’t see anybody complaining last year when Russell Wilson and Julian Edelman stuck it out for their teams in far more dangerous positions than baseball third baseman…

Donaldson wasn’t going to bat for at least another 30 minutes.  If you want your test so badly, go play third base for a half inning, field maybe one or two balls at most, and then go get your test in the next inning.

Unfortunately for Rose and all other Blue Jays backers in Vegas, Donaldson has the heart of a division winner and not the heart of a champion.

Pete Rose Lost Money on Toronto Because Josh Donaldson Has No Heart