Did the Blue Jays Fuck Themselves by Throwing Games?

mark buehrle

Toronto had the AL lead going into the last week of the season, but they lost 4 out of their last 5 to finish as a 2 seed. Rumor is they did it on purpose to avoid the Yankees. It does seem fishy…

They held David Price out of his last start to give him an excessive 11 days of rest going into the ALDS. In their final game, they started Mark Buerhle on one day’s rest, apparently to let him get through two innings and retire with 15 straight seasons of 200+ seasons. He couldn’t get out of the first that day and is not on the playoff roster.

I guess it is an underrated tactic to try and finagle yourself into the path of least resistance on a bracket, but Toronto might’ve fucked themselves if this is true. They were by far the best home team in the league and they ceded that advantage to a Royals team that is more than ready to capitalize on it.

All for what… To avoid the Yankees? To get the Rangers? No matter what they preferred, they’re World Series favorites and shouldn’t be giving a shit what their matchups end up like. And playing games 6 and 7 at Kauffman is gonna be a huge fucking bitch for them.

But still, don’t bet against them.

Did the Blue Jays Fuck Themselves by Throwing Games?