Cleveland Fans Sit Back and Let Johnny Football Ride the Bench, Yet Wonder Why They Always Lose

Johnny-Football heisman

A week ago, Browns-Ravens was the game I was most excited to see.  Now, it’s the first prime time game of the year that I can’t bear to watch.  All because a 22 year old went out drinking during his time off?  Really?

Pettine says the demotion wasn’t necessarily about the video, but that Manziel and his friends lied to the team about the origins of it (saying it was filmed before his rehab stint).  That is pretty shady behavior, but how does it warrant a demotion?  In the NFL, are you supposed to field a team of players that win, or a team of players that you want to be friends with?

Normal NFL fanbases would be outraged over a demotion of their prized QB prospect in favor of Josh fucking McCown.  Cleveland fans, however, seem to be all for it for some strange reason.  I really don’t understand it.   I know he didn’t play for Ohio State, but did they really not see anything this kid did in the SEC?  Seriously, look at this shit!

Holy fuck!  He is amazing!  When he beat Alabama, he singlehandedly dismantled one of the greatest college defenses in history.  Questioning his talent is absolutely delusional.

A lot of people point to Tim Tebow as a caution against extrapolating college success to the pros, but that is a bullshit copout.  Tebow was a 250lb QB/FB hybrid that specialized in a college specific scheme.  He was arguably the best NCAA QB ever, but it didn’t take long until only religious zealots thought he had a promising future in the NFL.  Manziel is a completely different type of beast.  If there is any fair comparison to his college play, it has to be Michael Vick.

Granted, Manziel did have some very poor outings in his rookie year, but he also admittedly put zero effort into his job during the week.  Throwing him into a starter role last year was like asking someone who has yet to learn algebra to take the SATs.  Of course he was going to fail…  But to say that those failures were a reflection of his talent deficiencies is an absolute farce.

Besides, he didn’t always look that bad last year…

Oh, what’s that?  Just a casual shredding of one of the top defenses in the league?  The same defense that shut down Aaron Rodgers?  And doing it on the road?  Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that if you doubt Manziel’s talent, you need enlightening.

Which brings us back to Cleveland fans…  Why are they so content with this?  Why are they sitting back and letting their franchise deprive the nation of the opportunity to witness a potential budding superstar?  They want to cry and moan and blame their woes on Manziel’s personality, while failing to realize that effectively handling selfish personalities is an integral part of player development in the NFL.

We’re getting to the point where we have to stop sympathizing so much for these fans.  They’re not unlucky, they’re just unintelligent in the way they support their teams…

They couldn’t keep their Lebron boners in check and let his ego get way too far out of control during his first stint in Cleveland, and then were shocked when he thought he was too good for them.  When he came back to them, they cried like a hopeless wife taking back a shitty husband after he tires of his mistress.  When he makes the team trade a future superstar guard for Kevin Love, takes vacations in the middle of the season, and cuts the balls off of his head coach, they sit back and worship him while wondering why he keeps finishing in 2nd place.

They continue to give Jimmy Haslam money and attention despite his complete ineptitude and inability to develop a well functioning franchise.  And now, when their team finally lucks upon a golden ticket, they go and piss it down the drain.

What the fuck Cleveland.  You brought this misery upon yourselves.  I’m done feeling sympathy.  In fact, I’m glad Jose Mesa blew that save.  You don’t deserve winners.  Have fun at your future Super Bowl parties watching Johnny Fucking Football throwing up money signs with a star on his helmet.

Cleveland Fans Sit Back and Let Johnny Football Ride the Bench, Yet Wonder Why They Always Lose