Christmas Eve Gambling LOCKS

I’m still stewing over that dumb bitch who thinks she’s a better gambler than me, so I’ve decided to gamble aggressively and try to match her winnings by the end of bowl season.  Of course, I’m gonna have to do my fucking homework and get this shit right in order to not end up in the poorhouse, so I can’t think of anyone better than me to follow right now if you wanna make some money.

Western Michigan vs. Middle Tennessee St. Over 64.5 points

I don’t know anything about Middle Tennessee St, and not much about Western Michigan except they had some pretty good showings in the MAC, including a big win over Toledo to knock them out of the championship game.  I think Western Michigan is gonna win, but literally every single expert I’ve read says this is gonna be a high scoring game.  Never seen such a unanimous opinion on an outcome before in my life.  You can bet your ass I’m betting the farm on the over.

San Diego St -3 vs Cincinnati

San Diego State tore it up in the Mountain West this year, and Cincinnati was a pretty shitty ACC team.  It’s fair to argue that the ACC is a lot stronger than the Mountain West, but the Bearkats are gonna be without Gunner Kiel, their starting QB, due to some shady sounding suspension and that’s going to let me lean on fading them with ease.

Raiders -230 vs Chargers

There’s no question about it that the Raiders are going to win tonight.  The  Chargers have to not give a shit by this point in the season, and the Raiders are young and trying to prove shit and win spots.  It’s also Charles Woodson’s last home game and you know they have to give him a huge sendoff on primetime.  I’m confident in Oakland covering the 5 point spread, but the moneyline is a 100% winner and you might as well be safe going with that.

Christmas Eve Gambling LOCKS