RIP Charles Woodson’s Illustrious Career

While most of the western world is worshipping Jesus right now, the god I’m honoring tonight is Charles Woodson.  A vintage bro.  The last of his kind.  Heisman winner as a fucking DB!!!  Are we ever gonna see that shit again?  No way.  He would be a lot more chill if he never played for Green Bay, but shit happens…

Tuck rule??  Really?  Bullshit.  Fumble!!!

You know that parallel universe where this call stood, Boston crucified Belichick for kicking Bledsoe to the curb, and the Patriots haven’t won shit?  Yeah, that place is so much more chill than where we’re living at right now…

RIP Charles Woodson’s career.  I’m gonna miss your era so dearly.  True football…  No fantasy, no bitching about concussions,  just blissful ignorance and glory days.

RIP Charles Woodson’s Illustrious Career

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