Boxing Day Gambling LOCKS

My quest to match the winnings of that stupid whore in Vegas is off to a great start.  Three for three on Christmas Eve bitches!  My units are $10,000 each, so I’m already up $30k… Fuck yeah!!  Everything’s coming up for Wilbanks right now.  Might as well hop on this train yourself before we get to full steam…

mike leach

Washington State -3 vs Miami

My boy Luke Falk is fully recovered from attempted murder and a subsequent follow up concussion.  Sure, Miami got a cool new head coach, but he’s nothing compared to Mike Leach.  Easy as fuck lock!!

Washington -8.5 vs Southern Miss (also -330 moneyline)

The Chris Peterson era has officially arrived in Seattle and this team is starting to look awesome.  Southern Miss had a solid season and probably would’ve won the Conference USA if they didn’t have like 10 injuries in a row in their championship game, but Washington has been blowing out way better teams than this.  Laying a lot of points is annoying, so I’m doing one unit at Huskies -8.5 and one unit on their moneyline.  I know that’s a lot to risk, but it’s not that scary when you’re going with a sure thing.

Nebraska +7 (-120) vs UCLA (also +220 moneyline for 1/2 unit)

Sometimes TJ Armstrong is a really dope black QB for Nebraska, but sometimes he really sucks.  UCLA occasionally looks like a legit squad, but more often than not they look like shit.  Might as well take the value with Nebraska when the spread is as large as this.  The line is at 6.5, but I’m buying an extra half point at the bigger juice.  Not gonna need the insurance, but I might as well be safe.  I also have half a unit (5 grand) on the moneyline.

Redskins +3 at Eagles

Both these teams suck but the Redskins suck a lot less and they don’t have Chip Kelly, so we gotta grab those points.

Boxing Day Gambling LOCKS