The NFL Would Suck Without HGH

Romo Heart

So Al-Jazeera is supposed to air a ‘shocking’ documentary tonight exposing rampant HGH use in the NFL.  Uh…  No shit?  I’m not sure how this is news.  And who seriously cares about this anymore?  It’s 2015…  The time to get upset over PEDs passed ten years ago.

I’m not disappointed at all if Peyton Manning was dosing up on HGH.  I’d actually be happy if he did it because his 2013 campaign was one of the dopest QB seasons we’ve ever witnessed.  If anything, I’d be upset to learn that Tony Romo and Sean Lee have been too scared to get into that shit and that’s why they’re always on the injured list.

Fran Tarkenton says that HGH is too great of a danger to players’ long term health.  But do we really care?  Honestly, no…  Everyone pretends that they care, but nobody’s actions actually back that up.  People have been saying football is too dangerous for all these players since as early as I can remember, and I can’t name a single person that has ever actually stopped watching football because of it.  Do the players really care about what will happen to them?  Honestly, no…


Also, if cloning technology ever gets to the level that it is in The 6th Day, I’m totally on board with a rule letting teams do what the Roadrunners did to Johnny Phoenix.  Maybe only allow it once a season or so though.  We really could’ve used that in Week 2…

The NFL Would Suck Without HGH