Andrew Luck Should Never Play Another Down in Indy

andrew luck injury

  • Separated shoulder
  • Two broken ribs
  • Lacerated kidney
  • Torn abdomen

All in 7 games for a 26 year old, 240 pound QB who was previously renowned for his durability.  Damn, that really blows for Andrew Luck…  Maybe if his dipshit GM had put together a semi-competent offensive line, Luck wouldn’t be the most criminally depreciated asset in the league and we could watch him on Saturday instead of fucking Brian Hoyer…

Nope.  Instead, Ryan Grigson went out and got two ancient veterans in Johnson and Gore, paid TY Hilton top 5 money, and drafted a #4 WR in the first round.  Not one o-lineman in the draft, and only one guard in free agency who has already been waived.

After three drafts that have resulted in nothing except the most obvious #1 pick in the history of the league, getting trade raped by the Browns, and finally the disaster that was this past offseason, you’d think it’d be the obvious move for Jim Irsay to can Grigson…  Again, nope.  Instead, he rewarded Grigson with a contract extension and said his performance in Indy is exceeding the hall of fame career of Bill Polian’s.

What a load of shit.

The Colts picked up Luck’s 5th year option for 2016 last spring, but if I’m Luck, there’s no way in hell I’m stepping on a football field as a Colt again. He needs to pull an Eli Manning and force his way out of this sad sack franchise to keep his career from going to waste and his health intact.

This isn’t a Dez Bryant situation where he needs a new contract to keep from scraping by.  He’s already made $20M, has a Stanford degree, and his father is Oliver Luck.  He doesn’t need this shit.

Go land some sick deals repping some architecture firm for a year.  Force a trade to the Jets and easily start winning multiple Super Bowls and become a football and marketing god.  Do anything but play another down for Jim Irsay and the Colts.


PS – Irsay is garbage, but it doesn’t get more bro than this quote…

I could’ve walked someone in that door tonight or tomorrow night and have them walking in with eight figures a year and making a big splash

Andrew Luck Should Never Play Another Down in Indy