Diana Moskovitz Strikes Again for Amnesiac NFL Fans Everywhere


If you were living under a rock last year when the story about Greg Hardy beating his ex-girlfriend was all over the news, you were in luck this past November when Deadspin’s Diana Moskovitz released a 4,000 word exposé about how, well, Greg Hardy beat up his ex-girlfriend last year.  There was absolutely nothing new in the story, but we got to see pictures!

The approved Kinja commenters were undoubtedly thrilled to rediscover today that Adrian Peterson hit his kid last year.  The rest of us have been over it for well past a year now.

This is starting to get tiresome…  How many decades do we have to go through this endless debate?  Some athletes are bad people.  Some people want us to feel bad about watching athletes perform.  Those same people then consume pro sports anyway.  And then nothing changes, because why should it?

The worst part about this whole AP story is that the Vikings made him stay with the team this year…  Whipping a kid is a petty crime compared to a ton of other shit NFL players have done, yet the Vikings still sat him out the whole season.  All because some shitty Radisson hotel chain tried to grandstand and get their name out there by pretending to care about the morals of the freaking NFL…  That’s fucking ridiculous.

It’s cool that the Vikings are in the playoffs and all, but you’ve got to feel for AP knowing he just spent one of his last prime years slaving away for those pussies in the upper midwest.  If he had gotten his wish and come down to Dallas, we’d be on our way to a fucking Super Bowl right now.

He’d also be playing for a fanbase that actually wanted and deserved him.  If AP was a Cowboy last year and some hotel tried to call for his suspension, you can bet your ass we’d set up a boycott.  If for some reason our governor said he wanted AP gone, we’d impeach that lying sack of shit.

Minnesota priorities:

  1. Moralistic grandstanding
  2. Winning

Texas priorities:

  1. Winning
  2. Winning
  3. Winning
Diana Moskovitz Strikes Again for Amnesiac NFL Fans Everywhere