Boogie Cousins Suspended on Fat Tuesday to Practice for His Championship Parades

Boogie Cousins, widely renowned as a basketball cancer because he somehow always had problems with the Kings, committed the big bad crime recently of collecting his 16th technical foul.  Yesterday, he felt the full wrath of the NBA when they threw down their suspension and forbade him from waking up and going to work today.  Poor dude!!

In all serious,  barring any NBA political bullshit, I can’t see how this trade doesn’t end up with championship parades in New Orleans.  When you have two MVP candidates on a team, you’re a top contender in the NBA.  Period.  And not only do the Pellies have two MVPs now, they have them at the 4 and 5 in a league with barely any good bigs.  We’re zigging like the rest of the league is zagging – comparative advantage like you read about!

I get that the rest of the team apparently sucks, but that doesn’t really matter.  Team building is for losers.  Superstars are the winners in this league.  Ask the Hawks and Grizzlies how their ‘team building’ is going.  The Rockets did all that investment into analytics and never won shit because they couldn’t sign Bosh.

The Pelicans, on the other hand, know where its at.  Find a way to get fucked over in a CP3 trade so the NBA has to ‘randomly select’ your lottery ball for AD.  Then trade rape the Kings.  Boom!  I guess they could find some ‘3 and D’ role players or whatever just to be safe, but upcoming championship parades here are pretty much a foregone conclusion now.  Dope.