Deadspin and Barstool Have a Sad Feud

Two sites that I used to love reading and now love to hate-read decided to get in a blog war yesterday.  It would’ve sounded unfathomable five years ago, but this was one of the most depressing media beefs of all time.  Unfortunately, these sites have fallen a long way.

It started with a Rihanna ‘fat shaming’ blog on Tuesday morning that Pres decided to remove later in the afternoon.  Anyone with a brain knows that it was censorship from Chernin, and it’s exactly the type of bullshit PC censorship that Barstool used to be a haven from.  It’s sad to see them stoop so far from these glory days…

Let’s make one thing clear – Barstool was never an anti-feminist website.  In fact, in my age demo, it’s probably more popular with women than it is with men now.  They live tweeted the bachelor premiere during the fucking national championship for god sakes.

The Rundown used to be as addicting as Kellerman-era Around The Horn.  Now they mail it in every day and it fucken blows.  I don’t blame them though; it has to be pretty tiring to produce a radio show on top of all those shitty podcasts every single day.

It’s clear by now they’ve made the full shift from the ‘pirate ship’ bro culture to just doing whatever the hell makes them more money.  At least they own it, so I can kind of respect it.  I just don’t like it.

On the other hand, we have a site in Deadspin that recently defended their culture right into bankruptcy.  They made their name off dick pics and gossip, but now preoccupy themselves with the moralistic grandstanding that is perfectly encapsulated by Samer Kalaf’s attempt at a Barstool hit piece.

It was a truly pathetic read.  He comes across as so snide and arrogant when he rips into the ‘puzzling’ humor and strategy of Barstool’s core bloggers.  Yet somehow, he stays oblivious to the fact that those bloggers have ended up light years more successful than him in terms of both following and financial well-being.  It’s also ironic that the culture and readership Deadspin criticizes is actually the exact same type of demo that they targeted in their original rise.

It’s sad because they still do have some talented writers and it’s a great website for busy young Americans to catch up on sports in a concise manner.  But they really need to stop listening to those Jezebel women down the hallway and take some god damn chill pills.

While we’re at it, can we address the comment section of that Deadspin post?  What was once a great bastion of humor that launched Drew Magary’s career has now reached rock bottom.  These are the types of SJWs that have no minority friends and don’t realize how they’re the people that spurred on shitty right wing movements.

Fortunately, Pres responded in true throwback fashion and set those losers straight.  Wish I got to read shit like that more than once a month these days.  In the meantime, I’m now pledging to start this baby back up again and throw out at least one blog per week.  Enjoy!

Deadspin and Barstool Have a Sad Feud