FC Dallas U15 Squad Scrimmages USWNT, Bitch Slaps Them 5-2

uswnt equal pay

Big time heartbreak last week, really tough pill to swallow for us diehard FC Dallas fans. We went on the road as huge underdogs to the Mexicans and came so close to glory.  A sick 86′ header to equalize the aggregate score followed up by conceding the shittiest goal of all time.

It sucked even worse for fanboy bettors who had FC Dallas +1.5, smh.

Anyway, I just learned something today that made me forget about Champion’s League and start getting stoked for the long term future of the franchise…  Our Under 15 squad just walloped the USWNT in a scrimmage!!  It wasn’t even close either.  Our middle school academy squad beat the women’s world cup champions 5-2!  Unreal.

I know I recently wrote that its time to stop pretending we actually care about the women’s national team, but now my tune is starting to change.  I’m gonna pretend this whole USWNT craze was actually worth a shit.  Who cares about the Olympics and SheBelieves Cup (what?) disappointments, we won a fucking world cup!  Let’s actually give some legit lip service to the feminist SJWs and their ‘equal pay for equal play’ movement.

In the meantime, lets get these 13 and 14 year old FC Dallas kids into the men’s team academy ASAP.  They can be our squad for Qatar 2022 and we’ll basically be a lock for four straight World Cups from there on out.  No doubt about it when you see what they’re already doing to current world cup champions.  Finally, the superstars we’ve been waiting for are arriving!  God I feel better about everything now.

FC Dallas U15 Squad Scrimmages USWNT, Bitch Slaps Them 5-2