Tiffany Thompson Is a Cunt and the Zeke Slander Must Stop


“I’m calling the cops to ruin your career, your career is done,” the woman shouted at Elliott that night, according to one witness’s account to the police. Other witnesses, including the woman’s friend, said in affidavits that they heard something similar.

Source: Sports Illustrated

Some quick facts about Zeke’s ‘alleged’ DV case against that cunt Tiffany Thompson last year…

While these may not all be ‘facts’ in the technical sense, it’s pretty clear there’s enough here to conclude that this was a put up job by that stupid cunt Tiffany Thompson.  Blogging the Boys said as much earlier this week, but were too chickenshit to stand by these convictions.  That is unacceptable.

We do need to improve as a society in our overall treatment of women and shit, but we won’t make progress by rewarding every obviously false accuser out there.  In fact, this type of culture regresses the cause.

I know this DV case isn’t the only thing hanging over Zeke’s head, but people would not be holding him over the fire without it.  He lived with Joey Bosa and Noah Spence in college and did lots of drugs – whoop-di-doo!  He visited a pot shop in Seattle last year – holy moly!  His posse got in a bar fight this week – omg what a thug!

Yes he’s in the news all the time and he is immature, but he’s not committing any serious crimes.  He’s not raping women, not into guns, not fucking around with gangs, just being a shitty 21 year old.  Relax people.

Also, I know this is annoying to bring up but it’s true…  If he was white, we wouldn’t be talking about him right now.  Wes Welker rolls his balls off at the Kentucky Derby (a horse race) and everyone laughs about it.  Zeke does the same at a Steve Aoki show (a rave) and he’s too immature.  Gronk ‘objectifies women’ every day and we laugh about it.  But Zeke gets too flirty with his friend on St. Patty’s day, and suddenly ‘he needs to grow up’.  gtfoh assholes

And fuck that cunt Tiffany Thompson.

Tiffany Thompson Is a Cunt and the Zeke Slander Must Stop

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  1. My friend gave Zeke a blowj under the covers at a hospital…when he was being treated for staph…on his leg. Can’t blame her. If Zeke started a religion I would convert. #god #WWZD


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