Eagles Superfans Literally Weep while Witnessing Carson Wentz Practice

So apparently this is from a couple weeks ago, but I just learned about it today and it is amazing…

Ah hahaha holy shit that look at these fucken jamokes in philly.  What a long way from indoctrinating 10 year old Cowboys fans into the NFL by cheering on Michael Irvin’s paralysis (34 minute mark, assholes).  What a long way from chucking drinks at and fighting with any 19 year old Cowboys fan who dare wear a TO jersey at a bar.

Honestly I really did respect this fanbase and thought they were thick-skinned enough to handle all those ‘zero Super Bowls’ taunts and shit, but I never imagined them actually falling this far.  It’s been legit fascinating to watch these people – who came up as the most intimidating fans in sports – devolve into giving pity party commentary on the need to “evaluate Chip Kelly’s Tebow signing once we actually see how the season works out.”  And now we can go out to Eagles training camp and watch bum fuck North Dakotans literally cry over the opportunity to watch their quarterback practice.  Lol good god how pathetic.