Crybaby Astros President Floods Houston with Crybaby Tears

As if 9 trillions gallons of rainwater wasn’t enough, Astros president Reid Ryan (son of Nolan) just poured another flood onto Houston with his crybaby tears yesterday…

Okay trigger warning to the outrage police, but I’m gonna go ahead and say what everyone knows deep down is true…  We’re sitting 2.5 games back of a very tight wildcard race, and Ryan is demanding we add a 12 game in 13 day road trip to the end of the schedule and essentially flush whatever slim playoff chances we have down the toilet.  All in the name of ‘compassion’.  I know that sounds incredibly insensitive in light of such a serious tragedy, but the fact is baseball is a multibillion dollar business and this stuff still does matter.

One key factor here that most of the public isn’t aware of is the fact that these two front offices hate each other.  While some see the Rangers’ refusal to swap series as pettiness in the name of a playoff race, you could also step back and find unethical behavior from Ryan here.  He clearly knows the logistical, financial, and baseball-related reasons for us to refuse this swap, yet here he is publicly throwing his business rivals under the bus anyway.

Fuck that shit.  I feel terrible for what is going on in Houston right now, but I still think the Astros can go kick rocks.


Update 8/29 – we obliterated them 12-2 tonight.  Apparently they were playing in BP jerseys because they had nothing else with them and the players are absolutely exhausted.  If only they had an option to play their series closer to home in a town they were already at instead of suddenly uprooting themselves to Tampa.  Hmmm….

Update 8/30 – another thrashing, 8-1 this time.  ESPN televised the game and pointed out how our SP Andrew Cashner and manager Jeff Bannister are both from Houston and tending to family matters before each game.  Yet apparently we have no compassion for the city.

Update 8/31 – unfortunately no sweep for us, but my dreams of beating their asses in the ALDS became slightly more realistic this week.  Also, I just saw this broad called us ‘shameful and classless‘, and said we should’ve taken an example from local colleges who hosted Houston area volleyball teams.  Cute.

Crybaby Astros President Floods Houston with Crybaby Tears