America’s Team Should Not Be Playing Noon Games

TO sleep

Sucks to start 2-2, but I’m not worried about this loss at all.  We casually dominated for most of the game, but something still felt off the whole time.  Just in one of those funks the entire game, and it was because of the noon kickoff time.

America’s Team is not made for noon games.  The only only time we’re ever in the early slot is when we play teams that are actually as bad as LA was supposed to be this year.  Our natural stage is primetime, especially at home.  Our players are used to the lights, and early starts like this throw their circadian rhythms all out of whack.  We’re too famous for that shit, and quite frankly I’m appalled the NFL didn’t move the game back the moment we found out LA might not suck.

Fortunately, that was the only game all season with a noon start.  Everything else on our schedule is at night or in late the afternoon so NBC can flex us up.  We will get 1-2 flexes before week 10 against Falcons, Chiefs, or Reddsskinnsss.  After that, we got two Sunday night games, Thanksgiving, and a Thursday nighter already booked.  If our week 17 finale against Philly matters, it is 100% a SNF game.

Half the games left under lights, the rest are still late starts, and no bullshit early games.  Sounds about right for America’s Team.  We’re gonna be fine.

America’s Team Should Not Be Playing Noon Games