Wazzu Is Legit and Mike Leach Is Officially a Legend

Leach guns

I’ve been looking for a favorite team for this season, and Friday night sealed the deal on Wazzu for me.  That game was fucken sick.  I’ve been high on them for a couple years now, but this is the signature win that finally elevates them into the stratosphere of CFP contention.

As a Texan, I’ve always known Mike Leach as a savant.  Crazy to think it’s been almost a decade since he and Crabtree daggered the Longhorns and got up to #2 in the country.  He is one of the greatest offensive masterminds of all time.  I know he’s been at smaller schools, but his lack of relevance and respect from the mainstream sports crowd is astonishing.

Unfortunately, his tenure at Texas Tech fell shorter than expected because he failed to cut Craig James’s son back in the day and got fired by some twats in the administration.  The same school that took on Bobby Knight fired a legendary guru over a helicopter parent.  Sad.

Anyway, he went back to his home region of the Northwest and picked up right where he left off.  From all I’ve heard, Pullman is just like Lubbock in that it’s full of dumb kids who aren’t poor enough to not go to college.  Now they are just like Lubbock used to be in that their football team is fucken awesome.

Luke Falk is still there too.  He might have regressed a bit because of possible brain damage, but he’s still the shit.  He’s gonna be the Kirk Cousins of this next draft class, except he’s a bro instead of a bible thumping chode so he won’t choke away all the big moments.

Wazzu at Washington for the Apple Cup on November 25th, Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Gonna be a battle of undefeateds to decide a spot in the Pac-12 title game and CFP playoff.  Can’t wait for that shit.

Wazzu Is Legit and Mike Leach Is Officially a Legend