Coach O’s $12M Accent Is Death Knell for LSU

Coach O

Let me preface this by saying that if you have any concern at all for your financial well-being, then you must bet your life on Florida -3.  There are trap lines and there are stupid lines, and this one is the latter.  LSU under Coach O is a complete and utter disaster.

Listen I get it, his accent is cool as shit.  He’s cajun, it’s Baton Rouge, it’s like the Waterboy, etc. etc.  Good for LSU for having a head coach with a cool accent.  That’s awesome and hilarious haa haa.

But do you know how woman can get wooed by average foreign men just because of their accents?  That’s what’s happening in Louisiana right now.  I live in south Louisiana and have always thought of LSU fans as some of the more modest and chill people in the SEC, but this love obsession with Coach O is changing my tune some.

His tenure at Ole Miss was one of the worst in SEC history.  His two interim coaching stints were solid, yes, but in no way make up for the fact that he was one of the worst failures of all time when he last ran a full program.  He hasn’t even been a defensive coordinator…  He’s a defensive line coach.  Why a position coach keeps getting HC promotions is beyond me.  They say he’s a great recruiter, but LSU recruits itself.  There is no explanation as to why he has a job except for his accent, and that’s weird as fuck for LSU fans.

After losing to fucken Troy at home last weekend, the fans are finally coming around to the idea of yes maybe his past speaks for itself and he’s a bad coach.  Unfortunately, they’re gonna be hard-pressed to fire him because of an inexplicable $12M buyout.  LSU is completely and utterly fucked.

Anyway this video is still cool as shit…

Coach O’s $12M Accent Is Death Knell for LSU