Crybaby Astros Prioritize Pettiness over 1 Seed, Lose HFA

astros fan

Hey remember back in the day when the Astros had a double digit lead on the 1 seed and their smug ass fans acted like a dynasty had started to save their miserable Houstonian existence?  I wonder if back then they could’ve conceived of an October opening against Chris Sale instead of a wild card team.  Or that if they even got past Boston, they would’ve had to play the Tribe on the road instead of home.

It’s too bad these crybabies responded to a hurricane by prioritizing pettiness over winning.  That little temper tantrum of theirs cost them two games.  Cleveland finished one game ahead of them.  You do the math there.

They’ve got some talent, so it kinda sucks for them that their magical season ended up being 2nd place and matched up against the best pitcher in the league.  I’m sure they don’t regret holding their dick at the trade deadline at all.  And I’m sure Verlander will end up a shrewd waiver deal to make up for it instead of continuing to fall apart every October.  Yeah sure they’ll be fine