Georgia Bulldogs Perpetuate Their Role as Losers

You could say that Georgia Bulldogs fans are like the Cowboys fans of college football.  They carry themselves as if they’re a flagship program, and they expect championships every year despite never being close to good enough.  Listening to a dawgs fan talk about Georgia football sometimes makes me realize how annoying my own NFL fanhood can come across as.

However, there is a major difference between these two teams…  The Cowboys actually are an iconic franchise with one of the richest histories in sports.  The dawgs, on the other hand, have one national championship from 38 years ago to draw back on.  That’s it.  They worship Herschel Walker for getting them that title, but oddly enough Walker’s trade led to three titles for the Cowboys.  Interesting!

It’s not like the dawgs ever come close to getting glory either.  If you’re a millennial fan, your best postseason memories are two Sugar Bowl victories (one against the mighty Hawaii Rainbow Warriors) and nothing else of note.  Oh, did I say millennial?  I meant Gen-X.  Their history is that fucken empty.
So why do Georgia fans think they’re so important?  Beats me.  I do know that it’s fucking weird, especially when so many of them are from Atlanta.  They’ve had badass baseball teams that couldn’t sell out playoff games.  They didn’t even try to get into hockey (dumb).  They don’t go to Hawks games because they’re too scared of black people.  When it comes to football, though, they’re all in for their garbage ass falcons bulldawgs.  Wooh!!

Mark Right had a job in Athens for 14 seasons for some reason, but I will admit they’re finally getting closer after finally firing him.  Kirby Smart has the #1 recruiting class and they made it all the way to overtime against Saban.  Maybe they can keep it up until after all the Bama freshmen that beat their ass last night declare for the NFL.  Then they might amount to something (for once)!