Demarcus Lawrence Says Fuck the Refs

Demarcus Lawrence went off the other day about the apparent referee conspiracy against the Cowboys right now.  He hasn’t gotten a holding call in five games.  The Cowboys as a team has had an obscenely low eight total holding calls against them all season, including a recent five game drought.  I don’t think really buy the conspiracy idea – this is the NFL we’re talking about and not the NBA.  But with a pass rush as strong as ours, it is pretty insane how these numbers are.

Regardless of whether or not you buy into this idea, Lawrence’s rant was quite hilarious…

Awesome viral rant that is sure to get our star pass rusher in trouble with the NFL, and what does Garrett have to say about it?  Nothing, he’s pretending he doesn’t even know about it.

Unbelievable really…  This dude tries so hard to push this Belichick/Saban aura about him, and it just makes him come off as an embarrassment.  Yeah, I’m sure he’s so focused on ‘the process’ and drawing up shit schemes that he doesn’t have time to notice any outside noise like players making viral headlines.  What a wizard we’ve got in charge here.

As for the game itself?  It was not ideal, and not just because it was a noon start.  We were tied 10-10 late in the 4th to a god awful Giants team that allegedly tanked the ending away for draft position.  Even worse, it brings Jason Garrett one step closer to stumbling into a winning season.  Bad news all around.

Demarcus Lawrence Says Fuck the Refs