Ranking Cole Beasley’s New Rap Single Among Other Cowboys Classics

Aside from running the same tired ass routes that Jason Garrett’s been calling all year, it looks like Cole Beasley has been putting time into a little pet project…



I will admit rap is my worst genre and I don’t know shit about it, but it seems pretty clear that he has flow and shit but completely forgot about the hook?  And the hook is the most important part of the song?  Oh well, good for him I guess.

Let’s look at some other Cowboys bangers from the past…

Lance Rentzel – Beyond Love (1968)


This song is actually pretty sick imho.  Rentzel was living the life back in the day – star receiver for the Cowboys, budding music star, and banging a Hollywood star.  Then he took those ‘beyond love’ feelings, showed them to a 10 year old, and his life fell apart.  V sad and dumb.  I wonder if it was the CTE’s fault.

Troy Aikman – Oklahoma Nights (1993)


Aikman’s singing skills = inverse of Aikman’s throwing skills.

Deion Sanders – Must be the Money (1994)


Not a great song, but that video is one of the most baller moves I’ve ever seen an athlete do.  Fucken awesome.

Terrell Owens – I’m Back (2006)


Yeeessss!!!  “No more get my Eagle on – meet me at the star!”  My teenage anthem.  God I would’ve been such an insufferably fun-loving human if we had ever managed to pull off a Super Bowl with TO.  Troll’s dream.  Unfortunately he fucked it all up.  Banger song though.

Ranking Cole Beasley’s New Rap Single Among Other Cowboys Classics