Tyler Seguin Is a Bro King

What a 2018 for Tyler Seguin so far.  First, he spends his bye week in Cabo banging Summer Rae.  Then, he goes fucken scorched earth on the Bruins in OT…


My god what a goal.  Keep in mind it was against the same team that gave him to us for peanuts.  What a blessing from above that Boston was dumb enough to hand over this legend to us.

Not only is Seguin sick at hockey, but he’s also a fucking bro as well.  The TMZ pics with Summer Rae should say enough, but word around Dallas is that he’s always the ringleader when the Stars are out on the town.  Much like Michael Irvin used to do, he’s the team leader in making damn sure that every player out there is getting sufficiently hammered and then laid.  Then, he’s whipping their ass in practice the next day making sure no bullshit excuses like hangovers can keep the team from winning.  Cool as hell.

After a so-so first couple of months, we’re now 7-3 in the past 10 games and locking down the first wild card spot.  Not bad, especially considering the central division is stacked as fuck.  It’s about that time of year to actually start paying attention to NHL, and I’m fucken stoked for this Stars resurgence.

Tyler Seguin Is a Bro King