It Is Finally Fate for the Vikings to Win the Super Bowl

I was at a New Orleans bar for the Minneapolis Miracle, and man it was the surrealist shit I’ve ever witnessed in sports.  The bartendress was chain smoking and everyone was locked in arms yelling during the final drive, and then Diggs happened and you could hear a pin drop the rest of the night.

Regardless, props to Minnesota.  Hopefully now they can finally shut the hell up about bounty gate.  No joke, I hear more bitching about bounty gate from Vikings fans than I do Saints fans these days.  It’s weird as hell and a dumb thing for a fanbase to stay so bent out of shape over.

The 09 Vikes were sick, but it was silly for their fans to ever have hope in the first place.  1 – Nobody was beating the Saints at the dome that year.  It was destiny and an atmosphere that went beyond football (Katrina).  2 – Brett Favre in the playoffs.  Did Vikes fans not watch the past 15 years of their arch-rivals in the postseason?

Oh and also, the Vikings had the exact same bounty program in place

Aside from this dumb beef, I’m all for Vikings fans finally get theirs.  They are easily the most storied franchise in sports without a title.  It’s too bad the Falcons fucked up last week.  Would’ve been a cool story for the Vikings to avenge the Gary Anderson miss right before a home Super Bowl.

It Is Finally Fate for the Vikings to Win the Super Bowl