The Crybaby Disastros Are Embarrassing Themselves

astros fan

Congratulations to the crybaby disastros for shitting the bed both on and off the diamond so far.  Their assistant gm started things off by shaking the woke hive with his Osuna comments.  Look at this fucken weirdo:

He looks like he fits right in with those supposed rocket scientist execs that are so ‘analytically adept’ at stealing signs, stealing proprietary data, tanking, and probably juicing too.  It’s crazy that someone from such a smart organization could make himself look so incredibly unintelligent by trolling a DV activist right after Osuna blew a save and almost the whole season with it.  It’s also crazy that they thought the rest of Americans believe in ‘fake news’ just like people from houston do.  Unbelievable!

Not me.

I’m not gonna lie – I actually do want to stick up for houston in this case.  The reporter he was trolling tweets out a DV hotline number every time Osuna takes the mound, which is just excessive virtue signaling at this point.  I normally wouldn’t mind leaving this be and focusing on the multitude of other reasons to hate this franchise, but they’ve lost that privilege with me and any self-respecting Rangers fan because of their ethics in the past.

Remember in 2017 when a city full of climate denying oil servants fell victim to a hurricane?  They tried to extort us into swapping home series which would have ruined any chance we had of making the playoffs.  I wrote back then about how it was complete bullshit and a stupid reason to lose the 1 seed.  They called us unethical for not forfeiting our season in the name of compassion, when really they were just exploiting a hurricane to try and keep us out of the playoffs.  After all, we were 28-10 against them the prior two years and posed the best threat to their tanking endgame because we so thoroughly dominated them at the time.

Well now things are different and we’re in a rebuild while they’re fielding the best baseball roster ever assembled in another World Series.  It’s too bad Cole and Verlander reverted back to their Pirates and Tigers form (drug tests?).  It would be a real shame if the legacy of all that extreme tanking turns out to be one memorable World Series where the whole country laughed at the take it up the astros for getting their shit wrecked by a +200 underdog.  That would be a real shame for sure.

The Crybaby Disastros Are Embarrassing Themselves