NASCAR Looks for Upgrade Over the ‘Poor and Stupid’ Demographic

For decades, poor and stupid people across America have flocked to NASCAR as a safe haven for their poor and stupid culture.  That demo used to be large enough to be profitable, but those prospects have fallen on grave times lately.  According the Wall Street Journal, ratings and revenue have been in a free fall since the start of the 2008 financial crisis.  TV ratings are down 50%, and 1/4 of seats in all racetrack stands have been removed due to declining attendance.  It turns out that recessions hit harder on the poor and stupid than it does for people that live in cities.

Fans may be crying otherwise on the internet, but this move to ban confederate flags is not about caving to lib wokeness – it’s about business.  Another recession is hitting, and NASCAR needs to open up to people that aren’t poor.  Some may say that’s impossible, but I disagree.  One example is Charles Barkley, who in 2004 was on his way to check out his first NASCAR race but had to leave before he finished parking because he had already seen too many confederate flags around.

Race days aren’t necessarily about the cars and drivers – it’s primarily about day drinking.  Dak and Zeke may not become diehard racing fans, but they may certainly come to find that race day is a great environment for their bromance.  Countless other bros across America fall into that same category.  And not just African Americans, but people of any minority group and even whites who don’t enjoy seeing racist symbols.  Basically, anyone who lives in civilization (cities) is a part of this untapped demographic, and fortunately for NASCAR every track except Talledaga is near a city.

This is why I recommend every sports fan give NASCAR a shot this year.  That doesn’t mean watching any of it on TV because that is obviously too boring and always will be.  But race days are cool, and they are a tradition that should live because day drinking and watching huge ass machines will always be fun as shit.  Reward NASCAR for taking this step and start pricing out all those poor and stupid losers.  This is one way capitalism can be a force for good.


NASCAR Looks for Upgrade Over the ‘Poor and Stupid’ Demographic