Dele Suspended for Friday Because the World Is Rigged Against Spurs

Dele Alli has been killing it under Mourinho this season, but he won’t be available for Friday’s ManU mega match because he made a coronavirus joke on Snapchat back in February. Surely it must’ve been race related if it warranted a suspension, but that is still confusing given his partnership in the worlds greatest bromance

Turns out his friends were giving him shit for wearing a mask to the airport because it was still only February 6th at the time. He took a Snapchat of an Asian man coughing and put a caption of ‘corona whattt’ to prove to his friends he wasn’t overreacting. The FA deemed it wasn’t racist, but it was still offensive enough for suspension because it made light of corona. On February 6th… While that scumbag Kyle Walker gets nothing for having sex parties during lockdown.

Obviously the real reason is the ballooning debt of over $500m happening at the worst possible time in modern history. Desperate for champions league revenue and scared shitless with Mourinho standing in the way of that, their good friends in the FA threw out a life line.  So not only do we lose our best player, but the refs will likely be corrupted as well.

We also had a scrimmage with Reading canceled because they have covid-positive players.  Mourinho had a plan for two friendlies (one already took place vs Norwich) to test out two starting XIs before the ManU game.  It turns out he only gets one look because of this.  Not ideal.

The problems keep piling up for Spurs, but it’s not like we aren’t used to that.  On the bright side, we have all three of Kane, Son, and Sissoko back from the dead and ready to save the season.  We’ve also had this month of dedicated practice for Mighty Mou to finally be able to train his tactics.  The odds may be stacked against us, but ManU+refs are going to get a run for their money.

Dele Suspended for Friday Because the World Is Rigged Against Spurs