Crybaby Tanguy Ndombele Says He Will Never Play for Mourinho Again

Here is a full compilation of Tanguy Ndombele’s highlights from the 2019-2020 season

That’s it. It’s just that one highlight. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome and was the very first game of the season and the greatest first impression for a record signing ever. But after that – just a bunch of injuries and a big bag of nothing.

Remember in 2017 when Rougned Odor hit two home runs on Opening Day and then proceeded to have the worst statistical season in baseball history?  Well I do.  Ndombele’s Spurs season was kind of like that.  He is the Rougie Odor of EPL, but way more expensive.

Fortunately by the grace of god, last summer’s transfers also included a player of the same age and position as Ndombele – Giovani Lo Celso – and he is fucking awesome.  This Four Four Two article explains how awesome he is better than I could ever do, and it will have any Spurs fan running through a brick wall.  Since the restart, he’s only looked better.

So when news came down that Ndombele said he will never play for Mourinho again, it wasn’t that concerning.  People want to raise alarms about Mourinho and his history of clashing with players, most notably his recent feud with Pogba with ManU, but there are some key differences between the two.  (1) Mourinho always had Pogba’s back in public, while with Ndombele he’s not been shy to give an honest public scathing.  (2) Pogba showed flashes of brilliance, while Ndombele has that one sick goal and nothing else.

In fact, looking back on the Pogba saga, I think Mourinho handled it in a commendable manner.  The media hates him because he’s an arrogant asshole, but he always speaks the truth (I love him).  Pogba was an overpaid little shit until the 2018 World Cup when he finally accepted the role that Mourinho always pushed him to be in.  Pogba is thriving now because of it, but Mourinho was sacked before this came to fruition.  Maybe if ManU had Captain Hugo instead of de Gea, things would be different.

Still, it’s a bit disappointing that after shocking the world and making it all the way to 2nd place in Europe, we finally had some cash to splash and our record signing turns out to be a dud.  That’s why we should’ve gone harder for the sure thing in Dybala, but alas that is in the past.  And because of Lo Celso, it won’t be so bad taking a loss to transfer Tanguy out of here.  Barcelona, PSG, and Bayern Munich have already inquired about possible swaps or transfers.

*record screech!!!*

Wait a minute waittt a minnuttte…  Barca, PSG, and Bayern?  Those are some pretty damn prestigious clubs to be interested in a player who’s barely played.  Maybe we are underrating the talent that made him our record signing in the first place?

Mourinho spoke on it yesterday and reminded the press that great teams need rotational depth to win their trophies.  When healthy, we have that for the first time ever (thanks covid!).  He compared the situation to Luka Modric’s first year at Madrid, during which he was widely criticized before becoming one of the best players of all time.  He also said that Tanguay will play today.  I hope he does, he plays well, and he stops being a whiny baby from here on out so we can be great.

Crybaby Tanguy Ndombele Says He Will Never Play for Mourinho Again