Who Let Their Dogs Out??? Dak, Zeke, Dak-And-Zeke!

Dak and Zeke add another saga to their bromance as they’ve now both been sued because of their dogs.  Dak’s dog bit off a woman’s finger last year, and last month Zeke’s dog nearly bit off a woman’s arm.  Pictures in both cases are pretty gruesome and I feel for the women here because it was probably painful.  However, and I’m going to try and say this as delicately as possible, these ‘victims’ need to understand two things.

(1) However it is they act around dogs needs changing.  Dogs reflect their owners, and two of the chillest dudes in the NFL are Dak and Zeke.  Let’s also remember that Zeke’s first dog, OG Ace, was featured on his ‘my cause my cleats’ shoes his rookie year to bring awareness to his animal charities. Let’s just make sure to confirm all the facts before making any judgments.

(2) When Dez had to give away his pet monkey in 2016, he was never the same player since.  These women are fucking with America’s Team and to see it coming from two locals is unacceptable.  I would sacrifice a limb for a Super Bowl and I expect every other fan to feel the same. Fortunately, Dak’s dog escaped the death penalty and he put up MVP caliber numbers last year.  Let’s pray the same happens with Zeke.

It’s been a rough offseason for Zeke.  Every EDM concert all over the world was canceled and he hasn’t been able to enjoy his favorite hobby of rolling face.  Even when he’s been trying to do his thing low key, he gets ratted out by Dak’s neighbors for bringing too many friends to a quarantine dinner party.  The snitches in Texas are out of control.

Of course, a Zeke offseason wouldn’t be complete without the mainstream media making it their mission to slander him with outright lies.  Sports Illustrated is the latest perpetrator, claiming that Zeke admitted to being high on a live stream.  Apparently, the words “Ohh bro I’m low key faaadded bro, oh no I didn’t even end my streammm yet” is proof of smoking marijuana these days.  So sick of this shit.

PS – I did hear bits and pieces of this stream.  Zeke basically admitted that he doesn’t think the season will happen this year and hasn’t been working out accordingly.  Not a concern to me. Just remember that Bo Jackson never lifted weights, and Zeke has already rushed for twice as many yards as Bo ever could.

Who Let Their Dogs Out??? Dak, Zeke, Dak-And-Zeke!