We’re on to Inter Miami

Welp, it looks like we’re on to Inter Miami season as the Spurs campaign is all but in a coffin.  Getting healthy from covid gave us a lot of hope, but the season was already too fucked.  Running the table over the final six games might give us a shot at Champions League, especially considering that Sheffield have hopes themselves now as they play most of our competitors in remaining H2Hs.  But it’s doubtful.

Spurs actually did show some heart early on.  We played like the way better team in the first half except for the one time we fucked up like we have all season.  Even after that, it looked like we fought back with an immediate equalizer until VAR and that stupid handball rule screwed us.  It was the worst overturning of a goal I’ve ever in VAR so far.  Except, well… this one against us back in November

Five whole minutes to confirm that Sheffield was a millimeter offside.  And that is why we do not have the right to complain about VAR against Sheffield (or ever after Champion’s League last year.  I like VAR!  Just not for these stupid meticulous handball checks).

That first Sheffield game was the single worst game I’ve ever experienced as a fan.  Robbing one of the poor teams over bullshit like that and yet we still couldn’t win.  It was so embarrassing that Poch, our beloved Moses and Messiah, had to be sacked right afterwards.

In the second fixture on Thursday, the reverse happened.  However, despite being the deeper, healthier, and far more talented squad with five subs available, we collapsed in the same way we did back in November.  These two games have been a microcosm of the entire Spurs season – one that should be forgotten forever. 

The season is over, and we’ll be preparing for next year with a lot of questions regarding both players and manager.  I do think things will be better.  Over the past five years, we’ve played a schedule as rigorous as the super rich teams, but without any depth and no reprieves on international breaks.  With a frenetic, high energy press for most of that.  Getting to 2nd place last year was incredible and beyond our wildest dreams, but the tank was emptied.  Missing out on Europe for a season could be a blessing in disguise.

Until then, we turn our eyes to the beloved Inter Miami.  

+3300 odds to win the ‘MLS Is Back’?  A summer tournament in Florida?  Lock. It. Up!!  At least one of our teams will be playing Champion’s League next year.

We’re on to Inter Miami