Stars -115 vs Flames Is an Absolute Joke

One of the best parts of the glory years was our annual first round trip up to Edmonton to send a bunch of has been hockey fanatics packing. This time in 2020, there won’t be any fans and it won’t be the Oilers, but it will still be in Edmonton and it will still be a shitty west Canadian team.

Oddsmakers disagree apparently, putting us at -115 for the series which is basically a pick em and absolutely disrespectful. It’s the most preposterous line I’ve ever seen and absolutely worth hammering.

First of all, we should be the 1 seed. Vegas is the 1 seed instead of us, but we played them in the first round robin and dominated the game. The reason we lost? Just like last year, screwed by the refs. This was called goalie interference and OVERTURNED…

In my eyes that was the last playoff game we’ve played because the other two have been meaningless. In fact, I kind of wish we lost on Sunday to get the Canucks/Knights matchups instead of Avs in second round. But that’s neither here nor there.

So the last game we played was a hack job that cost us the 1 seed. The previous playoff game to that? Last year in Game 7 against the eventual champs where we were robbed of this game winning tap in with no freaking call…

I don’t wanna be one of those guys that always complains about the refs, but I keep seeing Stars games and I keep seeing them get screwed. That can’t continue forever. Once this nonsense stops, everyone will remember that this team is really damn good.

We are certainly better than the trash ass Flames – that’s for sure. They have one cool player, Johnny Goudreau, who’s really only cool because his nickname Johnny Hockey has Manziel vibes. That’s about it.

Just like in the glory year, the first step to partying like it’s 1999 is demolishing some Canadians in Edmonton. This year, the first step to paying for our Stanley Cup parties is hammering that joke of a line. -115… Bet everything on it.

Stars -115 vs Flames Is an Absolute Joke

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