Champions League Gambling Lock: Atletico vs RB Leipzig

Atletico Madrid vs RB Leipzig in the quarterfinals today. I’m obviously going Spaniards after writing yesterday that Atletico +850 was a future to get on.

They always goes far in this tournament and were one PK away from beating peak Madrid for a title. They’re made for tournaments like this and they’ve already proven that this season by beating Liverpool last round. Yes that Liverpool. And now Atletico has Diego Costa up front, and he’s a dirty mother fucker who’s perfect for them.


I tried being a Red Bull Leipzig fan a few months back during the Bundesliga blue balls days. It cost me money, and that was when their best player Timo Wermer was still playing for them. He’s already left for Chelsea, so I plan on winning that money back today.

RB Leipzig are an interesting story in that they’re the most hated team in Germany. The Red Bull company found some loopholes to circumvent Germany’s ’50-plus-one’ rule restriction on corporate ownership, which makes them evil in most Germans’ eyes. Well, West Germans that is, as East Germans usually come from cities too historically poor to have a great soccer team.

Leipzig was an example of one of those Eastern German cities until Red Bull bought the squad and over a period of ten years, they stormed up from the fifth division all the way to Champions League Quarterfinals. It’s a wild story and quite controversial. We should all take responsibility to learn up on it and follow them because Red Bull is an Austrian company, and we definitely need to keep an eye on any Austrians causing ruckuses up there.


But while Leipzig is an interesting story, they’re not in the same stratosphere as Atletico yet. If the second leg of Leipzig-Tottenham was scheduled a week later (and subsequently postponed to last week because of covid), then this match would be Atletico vs Tottenham. Fact.

OFFICIAL PICKS: one unit Atletico (+130), one unit Atletico to win Champion’s League (+850)

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