Bunting Is Back in Baseball and It’s Beautiful to Behold

The coolest thing about MLB’s new extra innings rule is that bunting is back. On Tuesday night when the Marlins went to extras vs the Buffalo BJ’s, we witnessed something that previously hadn’t existed since the Stone Age… A leadoff bunt!

Because it was sudden death given that Buffalo was at home, Mattingly reacted with a mad scramble on defense that was fun to watch. Five infielders. Shift after shift based on the swings of the next batter Cavan Biggio (son of Craig). We almost got a full count to make things interesting, but strike two was instead called as ball four because of bad pitch framing…

Marlins ended up losing, but it was thrilling as hell. We also can’t knock Cervelli’s pitch framing because one inning earlier he had a badass three run, game tying moon shot with two outs in the 9th.


It took the Marlins less than 24 hours to exact revenge once last night’s game also went to extras…

What a bunt! The first baseman was charging, going for the lead runner instead of the out. And Berti, with that wizard brain of his, pushed it the other way. I never thought I’d see tactics like this again outside of co-rec kickball games, but here we are in 2020 seeing it in the MLB.


This new baseball is objectively incredible. It should definitely be adopted for the postseason. Who cares about designated hitters anymore? This is more fun strategy than we ever could’ve dreamed.

In fact, they should bring this into the first 9 innings. Here’s the new rule proposal – if you strike out the side, you get a runner on 2nd for the next frame. Boom. Whole new awesome ballgame.


The Marlins actually tried a safety squeeze with the next batter, but it went foul and we settled for a traditional rally to win. The record is now 8-4. Only the Cubs and Athletics have higher win percentages. Can you say… hunt for the 1 seed?

Bunting Is Back in Baseball and It’s Beautiful to Behold

One thought on “Bunting Is Back in Baseball and It’s Beautiful to Behold

  1. Yeah I agree, the extra innings man on second start is worth a look for a 162 game regular season play. Not the playoffs though. As far as the DH rule, I think its high-time the NL adopts this as well. After all it’s coming sooner or later anyways. Now after this pandemic season would be a good time.

    Baseball has changed, fans want home-runs and doubles not automatic pitcher-hitting outs. Leave the bunting option for the new extra-innings strategy and now you still have bunting for the purists’ and 9 professional batters instead of 8. My opinion anyways.

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